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Rules & Agreements.

The following are the Terms of Service for using Micro-Trading.com which is referred to as the Website in this contract. Use of the Website and all its resources indicates your willingness to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

Micro-Trading.com can change the Terms and Conditions of this Website at any time, and the changes take effect immediately. It is your duty to check for changes in the Terms and Conditions for using the Website from time to time. Further, these Terms and Conditions compliment any other agreements that might exist between you and Micro-Trading.com stipulating the use of the Website.

Website Usage

Micro-Trading.com prohibits commercial use of the Website. Anyone downloading information from the Website for personal use must first sign a consent form agreeing that they shall not make changes to such information.

Investment Recommendations

Micro-Trading.com’ investment plans have a high daily return on investment. Our fund is managed by experienced professionals from around the world.

Key Terms

Both institutional and individual investors can open an investment account with Micro-Trading.com. Individuals must have attained the legal contractual age of 18 years while institutions must be dully registered in the countries where they operate. Investors can operate more than one investment account with the company. Additionally, one can open more than one program from an investment account. All the accounts under one investor is required to have a different username and Emaill address. Investors can credit their accounts through Bitcoin and ethereum.

Micro-Trading.com has four investment plans:

7% and 8% for 20 days (principle is included in the profit) and 200% profit after 20 calendar days.

Withdrawal and commission

Withdrawal requests are processed instantly.
There is a $5 to $9 fixed fee for withdrawals.
Investors who recruit others into the program receive up to 10% commission on the investment made by the new member.


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